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Revana Alexana Corazon del Sol

Care and Serving

Each wine is carefully crafted and cared for from the vineyard to the bottle, and we want to make sure you have all the tools and knowledge to properly store, and eventually enjoy our wines to the fullest.



Oh Joy! 300 days of sunshine has just arrived at your door! For optimal enjoyment we suggest laying your wine down for at least a week to rest.



While aging your Corazón del sol wines it is best to keep them in a cool and dark place, away from sunlight and with a consistent temperature (around 55° F). For extended aging, place your bottles on their side to prevent oxygenation from the cork from drying, and with the labels facing up to ensure a consistent position for any sediment to settle.



While we don’t explicitly recommend decanting our wines, we recommend the following if you do prefer to decant. For wines less than five years old, the objective is to soften the tannins and help the wine open up. Decant vigorously, exposing to as much oxygen as possible.

  1. Carefully remove the cork.
  2. Tilt the bottle upright, pouring quickly and directly to the bottom of the decanter, causing the wine to splash against the sides.
  3. Swirl the wine, coating as much of the inside surface of the decanter as possible.
  4. Let the bottle breathe for two hours.

For wines over five years old, the objective is to separate the wine from any sediment that has settled out and allow the wine to open and breathe independently. Decant gently with as little disturbance to any sediment in the bottle as possible.

  1. Before opening, place the bottle upright and let the wine settle for at least an hour.
  2. Pouring slowly, transfer the wine into your decanter, leaving some wine in the bottle to hold any sediment.
  3. Older wines need only a few moments to breathe before enjoying.



Large Bordeaux-style glasses offer the perfect setting for our wines. To ensure that you may enjoy our wines at their full potential, we use Riedel wine glasses in the Corazón del Sol tasting room. We feel these beautifully crafted hand-blown glasses intensify aromatics and accentuate flavors, providing the best tasting experience possible.


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