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Revana Alexana Corazon del Sol


Shipping objectives:

We aim to ship wine as safely as possible so the integrity of the wine that arrives is unquestionable. Our second objective is to ship orders quickly so the wine can be enjoyed at one’s leisure.

Ensuring Integrity:

Wine shipments are not only exposed to the local temperatures of the delivery location, but also temperature fluctuations during transit. As a result, we have developed Strategies, Options, Recommendations, and Policies to accomplish our stated shipping objectives:


We avoid shipping wine in a manner where the contents would be exposed to temperatures below freezing or over 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Both the local delivery address and transit route forecasts are considered. 

  • Weather permitting, orders are shipped on the Monday after the order is placed. This is done in order to avoid shipments sitting in a non-temperature-controlled warehouse or trailer over a weekend.
  • Orders that cannot be shipped without being exposed to temperatures outside of what we consider safe, will be placed on a “Weather Hold.” A notice will be sent to the customer advising them as such, in which they can opt to have the wines shipped regardless or consider alternative shipping options (Expedited Shipping and Cold Packs – detailed below)
  • We utilize a bicoastal fulfillment house solution to guarantee shipments on average spend three days or less in transit, and in most cases, a maximum of four days.


  • In the event of warmer temperatures, we have several options that can be utilized
  • Cool packs - Ice blocks are placed inside of Styrofoam inserts that will keep the contents at a stable cellar temperature for up to two days of travel in temperatures under 95 degrees.
    • Ice packs can be utilized for the following formats – 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1500 ml
  • Expedited shipping - For an additional fee, we can upgrade the shipping method to 2-Day Air, Overnight, and Priority Overnight.
    • All expedited options ship via air travel, thus avoiding the temperature fluctuations during ground transit. Local temperatures still need to be a consideration.



Per state law and FedEx and UPS policies, any shipment of alcoholic beverages will require the signature of an adult (21 years of age or older). To ensure orders can be delivered on the first delivery attempt, we have developed several recommendations:

  • Ship to a business address – Most businesses will have an adult available to receive deliveries during normal business hours, this is often the most ideal solution to guaranteeing the wine will be received without issue.
  • Ship to a Hold Location - In the case neither a business nor residential address are available or ideal, FedEx and UPS provide various Hold Locations. One is typically located within 5 miles of most delivery addresses. The package will be held for up to a week in a temperature-controlled facility. Please contact us to help locate the ideal Hold Location.
  • Follow the tracking - Most importantly, it is recommended to be aware of the projected delivery date and check-in daily for delays or other issues. An email with tracking will be sent when the order ships from our facility, as well as notifications if there are any issues during transit. Please contact us if an email with tracking information was not received, or if there are any concerns regarding shipping.


  • Taxes/Compliance: To stay compliant with Federal and State shipping regulations, sales tax may be added at both a local and state rate based on the delivery address.
  • FedEx and UPS are the licensed alcohol carriers that we utilize. FedEx is our preferred carrier, but UPS is also available if requested. Both carriers make three consecutive delivery attempts. If the order is undeliverable, it will get returned to our warehouse.
  • The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) cannot ship alcohol; therefore, we cannot ship to PO Box address.
  • Returned orders: If undeliverable and returned, the re-shipping of orders is at the customer’s expense. If the inventory is available to send a re-shipment, we ask for confirmation that someone 21 years of age or older will be available to sign for the wine at delivery.
  • Reroutes: Not going to be home to sign for the delivery or is the office closed? Please let us know if we can assist by re-routing the package to another address where someone can sign for the wine or re-route directly to a Hold Location. By law, alcohol shipments can only be re-routed within the original delivery address state’s borders.
  • Pickups: We are happy to have orders available for a pick-up at the winery in lieu of shipping. Due to our limited onsite storage, we ask that orders are picked up within six months of the purchase date. Please contact the winery 48 hours in advanced of the planned pickup so we can be prepared and have the order staged.
  • Alabama: Shipping directly to a consumer in the State of Alabama is prohibited. Alabama allows wine deliveries but requires that shipments are sent directly to a state-run ABC store address. The list of available addresses can be found here.
  • International Shipments are handled on a case-by-case basis. We will provide a shipping quote based on quantity and destination. The customer will be responsible for any duties, taxes, and import fees charged by the country of import.
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